Social Media Marketing-How Can Social Media Benefit My Business

Social Media Marketing:
How Can Social Media Benefit My Business?


Social Media Marketing

There is so much information out there about Social Media these days.  You will see all kinds of articles and blogs about so many subjects it will make your head spin – literally.  Some start off with – “10 Things You Must Know About Social Media” or 15 Social Media Tools You Must Have” – “Content Is King”.   Well for one it can make it difficult to know exactly where to start.  That is part of the reason I started my own business.  I want to be able to share my knowledge and help others navigate through this maze called social media and also create a web presence, thus the name Social Media and Web Design.

In this day and age most companies will have employees who are familiar with social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Linkedin, and the other popular networks. However, this doesn’t mean that every business actually uses social media to benefit their business.

Here are a few uses and benefits to effectively using social media in your business and for your business.



Free marketing is the most common reason that businesses join social media. Social media marketing is so important because it gives businesses direct access to both current and potential customers, allowing them to answer questions, showcase their brand, spread information and address issues in a more personal way.



And who could forget the one social media site that every company should really be on (or at the very least their Human Resources department)?: Linkedin. The platform will improve your business’s search engine results.  You can utilize the events section to search for industry events or to promote your own event.


Developing A Social Media Plan

With your goals clearly in mind, identify the most suitable social media site(s) for your business.  Ask yourself, “Are my customers using this site?” or “Can I reach them through this site?”  If you need to use multiple sites, remember there are tools to help you manage multiple social media platforms.

Once you decide which site(s) to use, build your profile page(s) there.  Provide information that will enable you to build relationships.  Make your posts and comments interesting enough to motivate people to come to your website or subscribe to your updates.  Consider updates on social media sites as updates to your business plan.


Monitoring What’s Being Said About Your Company


While many companies offer this service, these are some of the free or lower-cost ones:

· Google Alerts provide a simple way to keep track of what is said online about your company, products, competitors, and industry terms and trends.  These alerts are delivered to your email address for free.

· MediaFunnel monitors your social media activity and offers a tool to turn tweets into leads on Salesforce.

· RSS feeds alert you to what others are writing about that is pertinent to your business.  RSS feeds that you choose to subscribe to can be managed in a reader, such as Feedly.

· NutshellMail tracks your brand’s social media activity and emails a summary to you.

· Sendible monitors blogs, news, comments, and social networks and analyzes results, highlighting posts to which you should respond.


Social media truly has the power to bring a business together through both informal and formal means of communication. It also brings out a method of sharing ideas between employees and employers that could improve the company overall. And that’s just the beginning. When it comes to businesses and social media, think outside the box. Ask yourself: is my business reaching its full potential on social media?




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