Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Build a Following

Start with Why

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Think first to define your purpose or cause (why should anyone care that your business exists?).  The social media world is the fastest growing portion of the internet.  Strategically designing a social media campaign to build relationships with your customers will comprehensively increase brand recognition and conversion rates.  Studies show that customers who are engaged with a company through social media increase frequency and amount of purchase by 34% on average!

Connect with Believers

Once you know what your purpose or cause is, focus on attracting attention & business from those who support you.  Offering niche content and services to your customers via social media encourages an ‘ambassador mentality’ that motivates your customers to spread the word about your brand.  Dynamic Diversions Social Media and Web Design helps you reach your target market with social media outreach specifically prioritized to grow your online visibility.

Inbound over Outbound Marketing

Don’t rent your customer’s attention, earn it.  A loyal brand ambassador is 10 times more valuable than a one-time purchaser.  Dynamic Diversions Social Media and Web Designs social media campaigns focus on building relationships with customers and increasing conversion rates.  When your website is developed with conversion goals in mind, a targeted social media campaign with Dynamic Diversions Social Media and Web Design can significantly grow your brands visibility and site revenue.