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Blogs provide several opportunities to grow your brand and increase your online presence. A growing number of companies across all industries are now providing their own blogs as a way to connect to the public. If you are lacking inspiration or just don’t have the resources to keep your company blog updated, Dynamic Diversions Social Media and Web Design can help. We take care of everything from brainstorming topics with you to drafting and posting content, as well as responding to comments.

Start with Why There is a fundamental shift taking place in the world publishing and bloggers are where it’s heading. The blogging landscape is becoming more complicated and fragmented. Diffusion of Innovation Reach x Influence = Sales. Your influencers are out there and they’re telling the early adopters what to do. Talk to the innovators and the rest will follow. Content Alignment It is essential to understand why bloggers blog. Aligning your brand with the right influencer and getting the right endorsements makes or breaks brands. Mass market is where brands go to die.